Shimmer with Airy Styles

March 14, 2023


woman painting her nails blush pink in a serene white background setting with a pink flower laying by her hand

Only three months into 2023, some of the year’s biggest fashion and style trends are emerging. Fashion is being taken over by the “airy” aesthetic: we see a considerable rise in ultra-feminine looks, with an ethereal or dream-like quality in many of the trendiest pieces. Think lace, tulle skirts, ruffles, and sheer or shimmery fabrics. All these elements embrace the best parts of the strength in femininity while highlighting your natural curves and showing a little bit of skin!


So, what does this mean for beauty trends? Most of the biggest beauty trends are following suit, highlighting the natural beauty and accenting femininity, empowering both men and women. In addition, we’re seeing a resurgence in classic trends with a modern twist, pushing maximalism to the side and embracing minimalism. These trends include:

  • French Nails. The French nail features a light pink, sheer, or nude polish with a solid white tip, creating a clean yet natural look on your nails. It can be done with almost any nail length, though the tip is typically shorter than the length of the base. People love this classic nail style as it can seamlessly blend into any outfit or look while making a polished and put-together statement.
  • The bob haircut is classic yet trendy and has a range of versatility, making it work for anyone. Cut it straight at the jawline for a short and edgy look or keep it a little longer to your shoulders for a more subtle change. The bob is a fantastic way to add texture and volume to any head of hair.
  • Fringe cuts are a modern way of incorporating bangs into your hairstyle. There is a fringe cut for almost any face shape, making this a versatile hairstyle that can be tailored to just about anyone. Whether you’re looking to accent your cheekbones or your jawline, the fringe cut will highlight the natural shape of your face. Consult with your stylist for the best cut for you.
  • Short Nails. As we said, maximalism is out, and minimalism is in. The days of long coffin or stiletto-shaped nails are over, and more people realize that nails can make a statement without any length. Instead, people are turning to bold colors and metallic finishes, with a rise in the popularity of chrome nails over the past year.


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