Perfecting the DIY Manicure

September 7, 2021

Reduce wrinkles under your eyes

The pandemic has made many of us savvier at stay-at-home pampering. Self-care is more important than ever, and if you can’t make it to your favorite nail salon, you might be considering giving yourself an at-home manicure or pedicure. Painting your own nails isn’t as easy as it sounds. Read on for tips on how to give yourself the perfect at-home Mani/Pedi!

Prep Your Nails
Before you begin applying any coats of paint, prep the surface of your nails, make sure they’re buffed and clean. Remove any old polish and gently buff the surface of your nails to remove ridges and give your polish a clean slate to stick to. Trim your nail with clippers to the desired length, then file the edges into your desired shape.

Don’t Skip the Base Coat.
To protect your nails from staining and improve your manicure’s lasting power, apply a base coat.

Apply the Color
Have your nail polish of choice ready to go, and nail polish remover nearby to clean up any wayward strokes. When painting your nail, the fewer brush strokes, the better. Start at the base of your nail and make three brush strokes from the bottom to the top – center first, then left and right. Wait five to ten minutes between coats. Depending on the opacity of polish, aim for two to three coats of the color.

Finish with a Top Coat
Like you don’t want to skip the base coat, you don’t want to skip the topcoat. The topcoat protects your newly applied polish, providing added shine and strength, and helps prevent chipping.

If a DIY manicure sounds too daunting, let us pamper you! Salon James offers lavish salon and spa services to those in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Our salon offers a unique VIP program that does no wait for your services, and we carry exclusive beauty products for you to try and purchase. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


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