Nail Trends Worth Filing Away 2019 Nail Trends

August 28, 2019

Creativity in the nail industry is reaching new peaks with an all-time high of artistic ability. Look out for 2019’s latest nail shape styles and art trends, because they are definitely worth filing away! From bold, geometric patterns to every neutral you could imagine, there’s something for everyone in this wide array of trends. After all, deciding on a design or color comes down to who you are and who you want to be. Be bold, be bedazzled, or even keep it neutral, but no matter what, be you. 

2019 Nail Art Trends 

The trends of 2019 tend to focus on being bold and standing out. Because of this mind-set, crazy colors and vibrant patterns have been rising in popularity. Don’t be afraid to stand out this season. Make your nails as a wild as your personality. 

  • Floral Design: Add a floral element to your nails with a flower or a trendy leaf! Your hands will get a pop of elegance and nature. 
  • Color Pop Cuticles: One of the stand out trends is color pop on the cuticles. Artists will keep their nails manicured, but with no colored polish except a bold line around the cuticles. Vibrant blues and yellows lines create a unique, yet fashion-forward look. 
  • Tye-Dye Prints: Tye-Dye has been popular in all aspects of fashion, from clothing to hair accessories, tye-dye is everywhere. Even on your nails! Boho kings and queens everywhere are putting pieces of art on their nails. 
  • Nude Neutrals: There are so many different shades of nudes, nail artists have been creating a nude neutral rainbow. This sleek and elegant style will keep you looking professional, but make it fashion. 
  • Bedazzle It: Gems and pearls outlining or on the nail itself looks great with matching jewelry! Whether you are trying to look simplistic or fancy, complete your look with some bedazzling.
  • Geometric: Geometric patterns over a matte color truly pops. Vibrant orange geometric lines and shapes make for super chic nail art. A definite stand out look. 

2019 Nail Styles 

  • Rounded: Rounded nails create a natural and clean vibe. Maintain a well-groomed persona with natural rounded nails. People will think you have good cleaning habits just by looking at your hands! 
  • Coffin: The coffin nail shape is shaped just how it sounds, like a coffin. Knock’em dead with your coffin nails! If you scroll through Instagram you may see a Kardashian rocking this coffin look. Just in time for Halloween! 
  • Pointed Edges: Look sharp with pointed edges. Your nail will form into a triangle at the tips, turning your nails into literal claws. 

Get in with the 2019 nail trends at Salon James. If you want to learn how Salon James can help you and your partner look better and feel better, visit our website at or give us a call at (225) 636-2220. 


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