How to Care For Your Nails After A Manicure

March 15, 2022

Everyone knows how great getting a manicure can look and feel. Whether you’re getting some simple cuticle care and nail trim or getting a fresh coat of polish, a professional manicure can keep your nails healthy and improve your overall health. And, if you’re careful, that manicure can last you about two weeks, and sometimes longer! Regardless, it’s important to know how to take care of your nails after a manicure so that your nails can stay fresh, clean, and healthy.

Before you schedule your next manicure, take a look at some of our best tips to help you care for your nails after a manicure:
Moisturize. Use cuticle oil every day on your nails to keep them nourished and hydrated. It will also stimulate healthy nail growth and circulation. Then, use thick hand cream to lock that moisture in on your hands. Keeping your entire hand hydrated will ensure that the moisture doesn’t escape!
Avoid Picking, Cutting, and Trimming. Try to get out of the habit of picking your nails. This will not only leave your manicure looking uneven, but when the polish is removed incorrectly, it can seriously damage your nail. And if you can, avoid cutting or trimming your nails in between manicures. Nails with polish have a seal at the top of the nail, and trimming nails will altogether remove it. If you have a snag, try just filing your nail in a downwards motion.

Wear Gloves. Wear gloves when doing household chores. If you’re washing a few dishes barehanded, it’s okay, but anything longer than that, especially underwater, can be bad for your nails. This is because it will remove moisture from your hands and nails. Anything hands-on should happen with some rubber gloves to help protect that manicure!
Nails vs. Tools. You may find yourself trying to do everyday chores with your nails, like scratching or opening items. This could cause chipping and snagging, especially if your nails are on the longer side. If you can, try to use tools to help you perform these chores so that you can protect your manicure and let it last as long as possible.
Solvents. Solvents will dissolve polish, so avoid using solvents as much as possible. They aren’t just found in cleaning products; they are in everyday products like eye make-up remover. Make sure you’re checking ingredients lists so you know what you’re using!

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